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Does Bunion Bliss Really Work?

Bunion Bliss claims that by just slipping a pair of these socks on you can reduce the symptoms of uncomfortable swollen bunions, cramped toes, and aching feet. Bunions build pressure against the big toe, causing painful friction and toe cramps. Bunion Bliss protects your bunions from shoe pressure through its embedded gel pad made of medical-grade moisturizing oil. And the built-in toe separator separates the big toe from the rest of the foot, preventing unhealthy crowding of the toes. Often the pain of bunions gets worse as the day wears on, but Bunion Bliss provides 24 hour comfort for your feet. Bunions Bliss is supposed to be a great alternative to orthotic bunion splints, which can be awkward to wear and expensive to buy. Hypo-allergenic, latex-free, and machine washable, these socks are available in colors black and white.

Bunion Bliss Reviews

No - Made by the Chinese for the Chinese!
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This sock is ridiculous. It must be made for a person with the hugest, widest big toe ever and the rest of the toes, the tinest set of toes ever. It does not begin to fit the toe area, the last, or any other part of the foot. They are the worst product I have ever sent for.

Janice Kay
October 14th, 2013
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