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Does BraBaby Really Work?

We change our bras every day and all too soon they lose shape and the stretchable portions are all stretched out. Then it is time to buy a new bra. This is a normal ritual but when it is a favorite bra it is more difficult. Now comes the BraBaby which, they say, will help preserve the shape and fit of your bra so that it lasts longer and continues to fit just as well. According to them, the BraBaby is also economical because if your bras last longer there is no need to purchasing new ones all the time. The BraBaby is an eggshell shaped “cage” with a lace design. Simply hook the bra straps and place each bra cup around the end of the inner shell. Then snap the outer shell around the bra. It is fully protected and its shape is preserved, they claim. Its lace design permits the water and soap suds to flow through, cleaning the bra and protecting its shape, they say. The agitator, weight from other clothes and spin dryer are no threat to your bra, thanks to the BraBaby, they say.

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