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Does Blu Cigs Really Work?

There are people who really want to find safe alternatives to smoking and many of them resort to electronic cigarettes. Blu Cigs claim to be one of the more popular product lines when it comes to electronic cigarettes. As a type of nicotine replacement, Blu Cig is said to provide the advantage of being able to smoke in places where they do not allow smoking. That is because electronic cigarettes like BluCigs do not burn anything when puffed, rather you vaporize a flavored liquid into steam and this is what the user inhales. According to the product information stated on their website, Blu Cigs’ flavors range from the usual cigarette brands to chocolate or mint. Each package comes with a set of liquid cartridges, batteries, a charger and a smart pack that automatically charges the batteries.

Blu Cigs Reviews

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I purchased a Blu Cig last month in the hopes that it would help me quiting, which is going to be a process for me. I was looking for something that would give me the same “nicatine feeling” as a cigarette without tabaco and the health risks associated with smoking. It didn’t do any of this and I was very disappointed. I wouldn’t suggest this to anybody who’s looking for a replacement, maybe more so something to do with your hands. I purchased a menthol flavored one, it didn’t feel like I was puffing on anything but slighty flavored air and I was finding myself wanting to smoke a real cigrette every time I picked it up. Don’t waste your money.

Kyle Wieczorek
November 25th, 2012
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