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Does Big Red Blaster Really Work?

Do you do a lot of cleaning using your garden hose but you find that the spray that it produces is simply not strong enough for your needs? You might want to use the Big Red Blaster hose attachment then. The manufacturer claims that this product can drastically increase the water flow that your garden hose produces. The BigRedBlaster attaches to virtually any garden hose tip and that what it does is it increases the intensity of water flow up to 60% which should make a lot of the cleaning chores that you do outside your home a lot easier. Also, the Big Red Blaster features a 6 position control system which allows users to vary the intensity of the stream of water that the blaster produces. The manufacturer promises that this features makes the Big Red Blaster effective for a wide range of cleaning chores that you may require of it.

Big Red Blaster Reviews

No - Doesn't work as well as a normal nozzle
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This only creates a lame dribble from our hose, although we have no trouble with sprinklers and other nozzles. So bad, it is going in the garbage

Richard Dixon
July 12th, 2016
Ottawa ON
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