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Does Bactronix Really Work?

The dangers being posed by an unsantiary and unhealthy environment are always a constant threat to your health and well-being. But while cleaning services are a lot of help, the traditional methods of disinfecting may just be as harmful. The company Bactronix, meanwhile, promises to offer cleaning service that is environmentally safe. This anti-microbial control company that claims to use a specialized sanitation process in providing a safe way of treating facilities. The Bactronix method is known to prevent bacterial exposure as well as protection from contracting infection caused by molds, fungi, and airborne pollutants. It uses nanotechnology to eliminate bacteria without the toxic side effects. Bactronix also manufactures products to address various sanitation problems such as for cleaning windows and for disinfecting upholstery and carpets.

Bactronix Reviews

Yes - It really does work!
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I purchased BactroKill to eliminate odors such as Cigarette smoke because I am a smoker. It really does work!! It kills odors on contact or on any fabric. I use it in my vehicle, shoes, Home etc. I also carry the spray bottle with me for surfaces when in public and to spray my hands afterwards.

October 27th, 2016
North Hills
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Yes - Bactronizing Process
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The testing before and after treatment proves how effective the non-toxic Bactronizing Process is. It kills the mold as well as the mold spores.Unless the levels are at safe levels, Bactronix will treat again at No Charge to the customer.In addition to that their prices are the most competitive in the industry.

May 25th, 2016
Moon Township
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Yes - Not a scam
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Bactronix came to my home and tested before treatment and after treatment to prove that the product works. As far as a “fogging” Process Bactronix applies their product electrostatically which covers 100% of the contaminated area. I was very pleased with the service and I did not have to pay thousands to a REMEDIATION company. They made my house a clean and safe environment for my family and I.

February 11th, 2015
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No - Mold scam
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This product is not doing what they say for mold. Mold needs to be removed from the property,. They do not follow iicrc s520 standards. They are sending untrained sales reps out to sell a fogging process that does not eliminate mold. As a result people are paying a lot of money for a scam

October 4th, 2014
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