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Does Appethyl Really Work?

A lot of people suffer from being overweight, with some people fighting obesity which not only can make one unattractive physically; it can also bring numerous dangers to an individual’s life. If you are suffering from being overweight or being obese and you are looking for a product that will help you lose weight and achieve a better state of health then Appethyl is one product that might be able to help you out. The manufacturer claims that Appethyl will effectively reduce cravings for food, especially the unhealthy ones, allowing an individual to lose weight. Appethyl is made from 100% spinach that is formulated and processed in a proprietary method. Adding Appethyl powder into smoothies, soups or as ingredients to your will increase the levels of thylakoids in the body. With high levels of this compound in the body, studies show and guarantee that the body will not feel as hungry, or will the individual crave to eat too much food. With this effect that Appethyl can bring, the manufacturer promises that you will not overeat or crave for unhealthy, calorie rich foods, which should allow you to easily lose weight.

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