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Does Amdro Ant Block Really Work?

Many homeowners have problems with ants, little nuisances that crawl all over the house. Amdro Ant Block is a home perimeter ant bait that claims to be specifically formulated for ants. The formulation of the Amdro Ant Block includes proteins and carbohydrates that are said to make ants drawn to the bait because they find these substances irresistible. The ants will be drawn to the granules and then, thinking that they are just the typical food, they will take the bait and carry them inside their colony. Bait is Better, the brand name behind Amdro Ant Block, promises to solve ant problems in the household with the hydramethylnon content of their product. The Hydramethylnon in Amdro Ant Block is toxic for ants and is believed to swipe an entire ant colony within a few days.

Amdro Ant Block Reviews

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Worked good, not as well as commercial grade ant granular. May take multiple applications to get results if heavy ant activity is observed. Rather than place a band of product around your home, place small amounts around ant mounds discovered. Results will occur much quicker.

Don Juan
August 18th, 2013
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