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Does Amazing Elastic Plastic Really Work?

Does your child love to play with balloons? Instead of having to continuously buy conventional rubber balloons for your child to play with, you will want to try giving your child the Amazing Elastic Plastic instead. It is the inflatable plastic balloon that the manufacturer claims will give your child more play options than conventional balloons can offer. To use, all your child needs to do is to roll a ball of Amazing Elastic Plastic, insert one of a straw into the ball, blow, and your child now has a plastic balloon to play with. Unlike conventional balloons, the Amazing Elastic Plastic does not pop when poked or played with. The balloon is also resealable, so you can easily close any holes that the plastic balloon will incur during play. The Amazing Elastic Plastic also comes in a variety of colors, and the manufacturer promises that it will be extremely easy for your child to create balloon based designs.

Amazing Elastic Plastic Reviews

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I just got Amazing Elastic Plastic. Although the balloons got rather large (over a foot long), it was amazing at first in that I can toss them around for a couple of minutes, then the balloons deflated rather quickly. Also, whenever I found holes, it was hard to pinch them without forming new holes. It is so-so.

Marie Gelsomino
February 17th, 2015
Tamaqua, PA
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