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Does Amazing Arms Really Work?

A lot of women all over the world want to get rid of their loose, fat, and flabby looking arms. If you are in the same boat but just do not have the time or the energy to perform various exercises, you might want to give the Amazing Arms a shot. The product promises to give you slim and firm looking arms in just seconds. The Amazing Arms is made out of a super shear and lightweight material that will comfortably fit you. The product features a four way stretch technology which the manufacturer claims will give your arms a tight and slim appearance. It also comes in various colors, so the manufacturer also claims that the Amazing Arms will look great with a wide range of clothes.

Amazing Arms Reviews

Yes - Great Product
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Amazing Arms worked great for me. I lost alot of weight and I needed arm help without exercising and amazing arms worked for me. I wish I could find them in more colors.

April 11th, 2016
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No - Don't Waist Your Money
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Should be rated a “0”–I wish I had read the reviews on the so called “amazing arms”. The product is cheaply made and cost of shipping more than paid for what you are suppose to get free. I was so upset I was crazy enough to return the product paying for the shipping of $12 – Ha Ha
on me they are refunding the cost of the lousy product — but of course not the shipping either way — my lose — A lesson learned.

Liz H
May 20th, 2014
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No - Wish I could give 0 Stars
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Please listen to these reviews or risk losing your hard earned money.

January 25th, 2014
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No - Amazing Crap Arms
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I received my Amazing Arms today. I must say I usually am not this gullible but I fell hard for this one! These things are the biggest piece of Crap I have ever encountered. They are extremely flimsy and cheaply made. The material is nothing more than a pair of panty hose which is very snaggable. This product after it gets full of snags will look absolutely Haggy! Furthermore, I was supposed to receive, as the ad states, a third “lace” Amazing Arms ABSOLUTELY FREE. Not! I only got a white and a black, no lace, which may be a good thing since this product does not stand up to its claim of a quality product. It DOES however say it is SHEER, and that is the only truth to the deal. I would promptly send this Amazing Arms Crap right back but I refuse to pay another $14.98 to return it! I will just chalk it up to experience and write a “glowing”(Grrrrr) review for the product….. And that rating is a definite -(minus) indeed!…Oh but it won’t accept Minus so I guess 1 will have to do……but trust me, this product doesn’t even begin to deserve a star.

Deborah B
December 16th, 2013
North Carolina
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No - Wish I could give 0 stars
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DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. I bought these to camouflage my upper arm area but soon as I opened the package I knew these were not what I’d hoped they would be. You can tell just by glancing at them that the fabric is very poor quality- the weave is uneven and the material is scratchy. Like really, really cheap pantyhose. The clasp on the first one I tried on wouldn’t open without forcing it apart as hard as I could. All three colors fit very differently, and very badly. I used a tape measurer when I ordered and followed the measurement chart (I got size Large) but both black AA’s were way too small in the bust and rode halfway up my chest if I raised my arms, but were too wide in the shoulders and would easily slip off. The white one fit on the bust as it was about an inch larger and slightly stretchier, but the sleeves on that one were 3 inches shorter than the other colors! All three were way too short in the sleeves, by the way, but having one be that much shorter than the others was bizarre. It looked like three-quarter length sleeves. All of them also gap in the underarm area and make you look like you have webbed armpits, plus the overall fit isn’t firm enough to make any difference in improving your upper arm appearance. ***I wouldn’t recommend these for anyone, they are a waste of money.***

Nadine T
November 21st, 2013
Las Vegas
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