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Does Airborne Really Work?

Victoria Knight-McDowell, a former second-grade school teacher, developed and created Airborne, a dietary supplement that contains 17 herbs, vitamins and minerals. It contains amino acids, herbal extracts, electrolytes, antioxidants, 1,000mg of Vitamin C and other synthetic vitamins and ginger for nausea. Airborne is conveniently available in most retail stores and can be purchased without prescription. It is available in tablet form and you have different flavors to choose from. Airborne does not have artificial colors or preservatives. It is recommended to take this great tasting, immune-boosting supplement before entering crowded places like airplanes, schools or offices to help you fight germs and prevent colds and sickness.

Airborne Reviews

Yes - It works!
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

I use it everytime I start feeling bad. It turns me around every time!

December 5th, 2012
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Yes - Always works
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Whenever myself or my kids start to feel ill, such as a tickle in your throat, I always swear by this stuff, it has never let me down. I don’t have any problem with the taste. This is my #1 cure!

August 10th, 2012
North Carolina
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Yes - Haven't been sick.
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[…] Well, lets just say that I’m always sick during the winter cause of weather and sick patients in hospital. I haven’t been sick for 3 months now. This is the magic pill… I love Airborne.

John Tra
January 1st, 2012
Wichita, Kansas
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Yes - Been using it for years
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I work in motion picture production, and I absolutely cannot be absent. If I am, the whole film shuts down – very expensive. I used to use Wellness Formula by Source Naturals, which worked pretty well – the main ingredients being vitamin C, echinacea, and garlic. Airborne works better though. It has pulled me through so many close calls that I can’t count them all. I stocked up before I went to Bulgaria to do a film, ’cause they don’t have it over there. Yes, the miracle ingredient is zinc, but I’ve tried just straight zinc, and it doesn’t work as well. I swear by it. The cheapest I’ve found it is at Trader Joe’s. It really works. It’s not psychological, but if it were only in my head, then that would be fine with me. Whatever gets me through a show without ending up in bed, and thus without a job.

August 10th, 2010
pico rivera, ca
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No - Who really knows if this stuff works?
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Like millions of others, I have tried Airborne. Airborne was created by a schoolteacher who hit upon this “magical formula” which is alleged to help keep high your immunity from the common cold. Airborne is sold in plastic tubes, containing discs about the size of a quarter. Two of these are the recommended dose. You are supposed to dissolve them in water, much as you would Alka-Seltzer, and though you might think they TASTE the same as Alka-Seltzer, you would be DEAD WRONG. A-S has never been called the greatest tasting stuff on earth but your taste buds have likely never been hit with something quite like Airborne. Like all products containing higher levels of zinc, there is a distinct, pungent flavor that defies description, but even this fact hardly prepares one for the all-out assault on your mouth as the bubbling concoction passes your lips. The smell alone is like a punch in the face. I’ll be honest, folks: the first time I tried Airborne, the taste of it made me vomit. And I was at WORK when this happened. Nice. But, being either a real sucker for punishment or one of those people who believes in second chances, I tried it again (this time at home). Thankfully, no vomit this time but it DID make me wretch involuntarily. There is just SOMETHING about the flavor of this stuff that sickens me to no end! For that reason alone, I can’t recommend it. As for whether or not it actually works, well…I can’t say it really seemed to do much of ANYTHING. Sadly, I think Airborne – like so many other “homeopathic” remedies – works if you WANT IT TO. (But first you have to get paste that TASTE, in which case all I can say is GOOD LUCK!)

John Abramson
September 24th, 2009
Key West, FL, USA
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