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Does AeroGarden Really Work?

Maybe plants die under your care.  The AeroGarden claims to have the answer.  This product resembles a barbecue pit where the plants are inside.  The product is recommended for family chefs, cooking enthusiasts, healthy eaters, and aspiring gardeners.  They claim that with an AeroGarden kit, growing becomes a lot easier and you can choose to grow vegetables, herbs, or even flowers of choice.  The AeroGarden also is a space saver because it is quite compact, and suitable for indoor gardening.  The AeroGarden claims to utilize what it calls 7-Pod Classic Growing Technology.  It adds oxygen to water by circulating the water up through the grow deck and over the seed pods and roots of the plants.  Because the pump is circulating water up and over the grow sponges, the pods do not have to reach down into the water in the bowl.

AeroGarden Reviews

Yes - Actually pretty awesome!
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I was really pretty surprised by how well it worked. My mom got one for me for Christmas last year, and I was kinda underwhelmed. A year goes by, and I decide to use the thing, because well, why not, right? And despite the loud pump waking me up occasionally (I work nights, the garden works daylight) it is actually pretty awesome. Mine had the herb pack, the basil was incredible. The parsley and mint did well, the thyme less so. But jeez! I really didn’t expect what I got. If you’re looking to grow basil and mint and whatnot that you can pick here and there when you need it? This does it. Hands down, does it. I just bought a garden starter and “grow anything” pack from the web site because I really think this’ll start my garden nice and early, if it works so well for those herbs. I was really impressed, unexpectedly. It’s great. I only hope it does as well with my kale and arugula!

March 5th, 2012
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Yes - Works great.
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Works really well with everything except tomatoes.

May 6th, 2011
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Yes - Almost fail-proof
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Have two of these: one for flowers and one for salad greens. Both are great and never have to buy lettuce any more.

August 16th, 2010
New Jersey
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