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Does Aero Knife Really Work?

Knives are usually one of the trickier tools to use when preparing food. On the one hand, it needs to be sharp and/or weighty if you want to cut or chop through things that are tough, such as dense meat and taffy food items. On the other hand, sharp and heavy knives can be hard to handle and dangerous. Aero Knife promises to solve both of these problems at the same time. Aero Knife claims to be light as air, making it easy to handle and much safer to use. The knives were made from laser cut forged stainless steel, which means the steel is tough and sharp. One key feature of the AeroKnife is that it has holes all over the blade, which ensures that there’s less surface area than a conventional knife. Less surface area means less friction, resulting in the knife “gliding” through food when you cut it. The reduced friction is said to also minimize cases of food sticking to the blade.

Aero Knife Reviews

No - Okay, but not something I would get again
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This product works no better than the chef’s knife I already had. The only thing it does seem to do better is cut cheese, although it still sticks to the knife. The best thing I got out of the whole deal was the sharpener, which allowed me to sharpen my old chef’s knife. Since I sharpened my old knife, I hardly use the Aeroknife at all.

October 19th, 2013
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