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Does Advil Really Work?

Having a headache is a major drawback in any person’s day. This is why having a safe pain reliever on hand is a must. Advil is a known effective pain reliever that claims to be proven safe in providing long lasting relief from severe pains and aches. This over-the-counter medicine is said to work well on headaches, joint pains, and aches and pains caused by the common cold, among others. Advil is ibuprofen that is available in 200 mg per round tablet, caplet, or gel caplet. For adults, 1 Advil may be generally taken every 4 to 6 hours, and if symptoms persist, another one may be taken. Those who are 12 years or younger are advised to seek the approval of a pediatrician if they can take Advil for pain.

Advil Reviews

Yes - Eases muscle pain
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I am 85 years old and work very hard as an avid gardener/landscaper. One or two Advil tablets per day keep muscle pain under control. I always take them with food and coffee.

Woody Brewster
February 13th, 2015
Central Florida
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Ibuprofen (Advil being one of many ibuprofen brands) in the recommended, over-the-counter dose (i.e., 200-400 mg) proves barely effective. In order for ibuprofen to kill pain correctly, one needs to take it at a prescription dose (e.g., 800-1600 mg). Yet at THAT level the length of use becomes short, as that much ibuprofen can inflict havoc on one’s digestive tract and liver.

The answer is Combunox. Similiar to Percodan (Asprin combined with a tiny percentage of Oxycodone Hyrochloride added) or Percocet (Acetaminophine AKA Tylenol combined with a tiny portion of Oxycodone), “Combunox” contains 99 parts ibuprofen (at 400 mg) and one part Oxycodone (at 5 mg). All three of these painkillers (Percodan, Percocet, Combunox) show remarkable efficacy – and do it while using only a pinch of narcotic pain relief.

Comubox combines all the NSAID benefits of ibuprofen with the venerable pain killing properties of even a tiny narcotic portion. Where marijuana slowly sweeps across the nation as an accepted pain-killing drug (or even a recreational one), those that would use Combunox may well use marijuana instead.

Marijuana contains multiple ancillary (and potential harmful) ingredients along with a multiplicity of side effects… especially when compared to the purity of Combunox. Advil – with the help of some progressive states – could provide a comparatively much safer, nonprescription pain killer (versus marijuana’s inevitable nonprescription ubiquity) in Combunox. By selling Combunox as a pain killer kept behind the pharmacist’s counter (similar to various pseudoephedrine or dextromethorphan cocktails), sufficient pharmaceutical control would make the sale and use of Advil Combunox an outstanding – safe – alternative to both marijuana and prescription-strength ibuprofen.

Advil is good; Advil Combunox would be GREAT.

High Rustler
May 12th, 2014
Northern Utah
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Yes - Wonderful product
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I use Advil Liqui-gels and they are wonderful for everything from headaches to tooth pain. They work quickly and are usually on sale somewhere and coupons are always available. Works for me when nothing else works.

January 17th, 2013
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