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Does Acai Berry Really Work?

Acai Berry is a famous fruit that only grows in the Amazon rain forests of Brazil. Its size and color is similar to a grapeand the people from this region have incorporated this fruit to their diet a long time ago. The fruit does not only have great taste, it is also extremely rich in nutrients and antioxidants. These reasons made the acai berry a “superfood” and more and more people started using products that contain acai berry. It can be found in diet and weight loss supplements, drinks and other types of food. It is well-known to assist in weight loss, increase energy and stamina and fight the effects of aging and inflammation.

Acai Berry Reviews

No - Weight loss was to my wallet
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Tried this product for over 90 days. Can’t say I felt any better at the end of this time period than I did before. The only weight loss was to my wallet.

September 22nd, 2012
British Columbia
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No - Acai Berry: Not for weight loss
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For what its worth..most of its claims are absolutely true… I experienced an energy boost,I was able to function and focus much better, my skin looked healthier, and both my boyfriend and I had more stamina(especially in the bedroom since less nights we weren’t so tired from our hectic days).
I don’t think they should market this product as a true weight loss pill or diet pill though. Essentially, anyone who has more energy is going to be a little bit more active. But I didn’t lose weight taking AcaiBerry(my exercise and activity did that).
It is better marketed as a weight loss “aid”.

Just my opinion. If you are taking it for everything else, its a good product.

May 26th, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
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