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Does Ab Rocket Really Work?

Ab Rocket is an abdominal trainer that strengthens your lower abs, middle abs, and upper abs. It is advertised as one of a few abs builders that actually get the job done with three resistance levels, and a head and back apparatus to support your head and neck while doing crunches and sit-ups. Ab Rocket claims that its head and back apparatus also helps you stay in the correct position. Also available with Ab Rocket is a workout DVD containing ab workouts, and a meal plan booklet providing tips on easy-to-cook, low calorie meal plans. The Ab Rocket is said to work just fine…it doesn’t matter if you intend carrying out only a light workout or a hard one to lose some belly fat.

Ab Rocket Reviews

No - You can get hurt
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My brother bought it and suggested I use it.
It was a tight fit between the two bars. Also you have no support anf when you first lean on it you will fall straight back. As doing the crunches I did feel in my abs, abut the back bars were pinching and pulling my lower back. I was really uncomfortable. Later that day my lower back was hurting it was hard to walk, I thought it was due to the first worked out in a long time, next day I tried it again. The same thing. I thought it’s just with time it will get easier. But my back pain got worse and I couldn’t even walk. Went to the ER turns out my lower muscles where pulled and ripped. Not only it hurt me but now since that injury its hard to do any other type of excercises. I have no permanent back probles due to this.

February 15th, 2012
Berkeley, CA
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