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Does 6 Week Body Makeover Really Work?

The 6 Week Body Makover is a program that intends to assist you in losing excess weight and helps you reshape your body in less amount of time. It is developed by Michael Thurmond, a famous fitness and diet expert. This program does not require participants to eat special meals or take diet supplements. The 6 Week Body Makeover will teach you how to identify your body’s reaction to specific foods, incorporating them in your diet, allowing you to burn more body fat, resulting to weight loss. It includes an exercise program that aims revolutionize your body and reach your weight goal in 6 weeks.

6 Week Body Makeover Reviews

Yes - I could not believe it fell off so quickly
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I purchased the 6 Week Body Makeover five weeks ago and trust me when I tell you it REALLY works. I have lost 16 pounds in just 5 weeks and I even fall off a few days of eating what was on the menu…and still lost weight. Eating the food is some of the same food you eat every day, except bread. You have garlic mash potatoes, chicken tenders..etc. I could not believe it fell off so quickly and it is not flabby. I did the exercises listed for my body time “C”….let me tell you the sit-up crunches really flatten your stomach. My starting weight was 193 and now I am 177 I am 5’4 and 52 years old. I wear a size 10 pants I am a thick woman and carried most of my weight from the breast down to the thighs. Since I targeted what I wanted to work on my waist has reduced from a 38.5 to 35 inches, thighs reduced from 25 to 22 inches.

Ladies this is worth your money you can see the pounds drop off daily. I have never written a review before on any product I have purchased including clothes and shoes but this was worth my time to let people know…Make an investment in yourself, your health, and quality of living life. I know this may sound funny but my eyes even look different, at my age you really have to maintain some type of healthy eating throughout what life you still available. This program is well worth the little $120 dollars toward living a better and healthier life. … plus the fact you will be looking good! Go buy it! Don’t wait…start today…You will be glad you did by week 2 you will notice a big change immediately!

***only downside is putting the book together, but it is designed just for your body when you finish****

November 11th, 2011
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Yes - Amazing results... it works if you work it
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Lost 18 Lbs in the first two weeks. The idea is eating 5 small meals per day, depending on your particular body type. Me and my wife are both on it, love it, and would highly recommend it to anyone who’s had a tough time losing weight.

Don Mattingly
August 15th, 2010
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