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Does 5 Minute Shaper Really Work?

Click for More Info About  5 Minute ShaperDo you want to get sculpted and sexy abs but you do not have the time to do strenuous abs exercises nor can you stand going on a diet? You might want to give 5 Minute Shaper a try. It is an abs exercise machine that the manufacturer claims will allow you to lose belly fat and get sexy abs with just 5 short minutes of use. The 5 Minute Shaper is very easy to use. Simply position your arms on the 5 Minute Shaper’s handle and your knees on the padded knee rest, then simply lift your body weight up by sliding your knees in an upward motion in order for you to do a reverse crunch. Not only will this motion effectively target your abs, but also will allow you to sculpt your arms and legs as well. With 5 Minute Shaper, you will have an effective total body workout that the manufacturer claims will give you positive results even with just 5 minutes a day.
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5 Minute Shaper Reviews

Yes - Excellent Ab Workout
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

This is an excellent machine that is sturdy and stable. it gives an excellent ab workout. I found that the form roller pads seemed to irritate my knees, so I placed a soft folded towel across them and problem solved. I love using this machine and I look forward to using it everyday. You definitely feel it and you will not be disappointed with this machine. This machine will work your abs, I cannot speak for the other claims made.

September 13th, 2016
Long Island, NY
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No - Not for all
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Anyone who suffers from pressure sores, weak knees, weak sore skin, arthritis, Ms, disability’s. I couldn’t get past with intense excruciating pain while I tried to do it due to the pressure on the knee rolls, they are not soft but firm. Even after I was in pain and sore but didn’t realize how bad my knees where till I tried this.Desperate to lose weight and find an exercise that takes me off my feet due to excess pain there Knees are a no go too. I tried to improve as days went by made no difference. Otherwise I think its a good one if you don’t have health issues.

August 14th, 2016
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Yes - Keeps you going!
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Losing weight and toning muscles, with 5 minutes a day. No way! Have to admit though, that this little device has kept me going since November. I do weight exercises between the exercises and avoid sweets and fatty foods and it seems to work. I haven’t been so fit in ages. The dubious bands provided with the 5 minutes shaper should be avoided- they all snapped after a couple of uses.

Kevin B
April 29th, 2014
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