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Have you ever considered buying a product but wished you could answer the question "Does the product really work?" before you paid for it? Welcome to Does the Product Work? the website that features ratings and reviews from real-life consumers that help you decide if you should really buy that product you want. Read consumer evaluations and comparisons of products in all sorts of categories. And if you have ever bought a product that you have loved or hated, here is your chance to let the world know about it by writing your own review. Find product reviews and ratings by browsing the categories or by using the search box

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Does Bio Oil Really Work?
26 Customers say Bio Oil Really Works:
Bio-Oil is a skin care product, formulated to help diminish the appearance of scars, uneven skin tone, stretch marks, dehydrated skin and skin aging. It is safe to use ... Read more
Does InStyler Really Work?
23 Customers say InStyler Really Works:
The InStyler Rotating Hair Iron claims to be the perfect tool for styling a woman’s hair. As seen on the TV infomercial with Kimberly Locke, InStyler is said to ... Read more
Does 5 Hour Energy Really Work?
20 Customers say 5 Hour Energy Really Works:
Chaser 5-Hour Energy Drink is a liquid energy product that is presented small sized servings. It has a pleasant flavor and claims that other than caffeine, it is formulated ... Read more

Recent Product Reviews

Light Angel - Waste of time
Ernest Baden from NJ says:
I tried two units and did not work at all. Only work manually. ... Read more
Wet Brush - It Works
Nancy from Downey CA says:
The hairdresser at Supercuts sold me this brush and it is amazing. I have long (mid back) fine hair that always ends up in tangles after a shampoo no matter ... Read more
MaxiClimber - Wire cover not good
Dr Nagendra Sharma from Parsa Saran says:
Wire cover broke within 1 month. ... Read more

Latest Products

Does SodaBoss Really Work?
Do you love to drink soda but you hate how expensive they can be to buy and how unhealthy they can get? You might want to try using the ... Read more
Does Slenlux Jeggings Really Work?
Jeans always look great and work for a myriad of clothing applications but the problem is that they can be too tight to wear and may not accentuate your ... Read more
Does Lanakin Really Work?
A lot of people find long eyelashes on women to be very attractive and sexy and this is the main reason why women really go to great lengths in ... Read more

Most Helpful Reviews

Cami Shaper - Disappointed in the product
Amy H, from Sevier County says:
I was very excited to try this cami after seeing the infamorical a million times. I was however very disappointed in the product. The quality seems ok, but there was ... Read more
Shed Pal - Shed Fail
Matt says:
This product is just awful. From its week motor to its incredibly cheep feel, I do not recommend this product. It does not collect the hair off of pets easily ... Read more
Slim Ts - Only thing slimmer is your wallet
Michael from California says:
Like so many men, we will do most anything to drop a size or two. The commercials GUARANTEE you will instanly lose 2 pant sizes. Guys, the only way that's ... Read more